The Magic Bullet – As Seen On TV

Magic Bullet - As Seen on TVActually, I didn’t know the Magic Bullet was on TV when I developed an interest. Had I known there was a whole infomercial about this product, I don’t know that I would’ve given it a second glance. I’m still gun shy from the too-good-to-be-true food processor deal I ordered in the 80s. It chopped, diced, shredded, and sliced so well you could ‘toss out all other cutting tools.’ All for the low-low price of only $19.99! I ordered one for my sister-in-law for her birthday. It didn’t arrive in time, so I gave her a card with an I.O.U. for a food processor inside. When it finally arrived, the incredible ‘food processor’ turned out to be a large metal spatula with several different cutting grooves. Kind of like a flat cheese grater. If my sister-in-law and my brother hadn’t split up in the 90s, I’d probably still be hearing about how I owe her a food processor!

But the Magic Bullet – officially named Nutri-Bullet – is the real deal. Not just a blender – it’s “a Nutrition Extractor.” I was drawn to the ad in the paper when I saw the words “it busts right through seeds and fruit skins.” Wow – pretty powerful! For the past couple of years, in an effort to get five servings of fruits and vegetables incorporated into my diet, I begin most mornings by making smoothies for me and my husband. A banana, whatever berries and other seasonal fruit I have, a fat-free yogurt and skim milk. Often I found myself chewing on a grape skin or pulling a blackberry seed out of a tooth long after the smoothie was gone. So the Magic Bullet was a dream product for me. Magic Bullet - As Seen on TV

In addition to the power base, it comes with a large cup, 2 smaller cups, 2 cup lids, an extracting (regular) blade, a milling blade (for seeds), a cup holder, and a book full of health tips and recipes. It’s easy to use and blends in seconds, easily cutting through seeds, ice, and frozen fruit. I formerly used a regular blender, would divide the smoothie into two glasses, wrap each with cellophane and put in the refrigerator. I took mine on the drive to work and my husband had his when he got home from work. Now I apportion the ingredients between the two smaller cups, put the lids on, and we can each mix them in a few seconds when we are ready for them – they are definitely better when freshly mixed. At around $100, the Bullet was a bit of a nutri cups edit

The creator of the Nutri Bullet intended it to be used for healthy drinks that contain greens. The recipes have names with words like “Elixir” and “Tonic” in them. Not only do they not contain yogurt or any other created food, the book actually says: “Fight any temptation you have to use any processed food like fruit juice.” While I haven’t graduated to adding in greens – which I will likely try at some future date – the Magic Bullet is perfect for my current needs of blasting through the seeds and fruit skins that mar the perfection of my daily smoothies.

Do you have a favorite go-to gadget?


  1. A few year ago, my husband bought a Vitamix blender that I love. Easy to use and easy to clean. In winter, I have to have a warm breakfast. But with the weather showing signs of warming, I’m slipping into smoothie mode. The ingredients in the ones pictured look awesome!

  2. I thought about purchasing one of these. I think Amazon has it for $85.00. How was the clean up?
    I’m not too big on gadgetry, so I’ll have to say the microwave. I have a George Foreman grill, but I don’t ever use it because it’s a pain to clean. I just bake my chicken. 🙂

    1. We swapped out our GF grill for one that has removable plates, Jill. I use it a lot now, because it cuts down cooking time and the plates can go in dishwasher. 🙂

    2. Clean up is super easy. The only down-side I’ve encountered is if it’s not corralled (I put mine in a lidless plastic container so I can just reach in for the pieces I want) the pieces could get separated – annoying to have to search for a lid. But otherwise, as you can probably tell, I’m pretty smitten with it! – EL

  3. Might have to try that eventually. I started making daily smoothies some months back for the purpose of getting greens into my diet (never had a problem with fruit; love sugar!) I still use my blender on high speed because I need to be REALLY sure I won’t get bored of this smoothie trend before investing in another kitchen gizmo that requires storage space.

    To ease greens into the mix, try replacing one part fruit with one part kale or spinach. Bet you won’t notice any flavor change! You can gradually change proportion of greens to fruit to cut down sugar/add more veggie.

    1. I definitely want to try greens at some point. One of the suggestions in the book was to start with spring greens because the flavor isn’t as strong as some of the others. I’m hoping I like kale in it – it’s such a ‘power’ food! – EL

      1. I started with spinach; didn’t notice that flavor at all. When you use kale, be sure to use just the leaves, not that spine (which is bitter.) I feel quite virtuous getting a cup of greens in me first thing in the morning…hahahahahaha…

  4. We recently purchased a Ninja Blender. We love the big pitcher as well as the two smaller cups. We have made a few smoothies with it. I am happy to say that the smaller cups make great margaritas for two!

    By the way, I started my running club yesterday. I walked/ran 2.12 miles in 41 minutes. I did not have a margarita when I got home.

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