Confessional Monday – 3

I confess – I didn’t think I had anything to confess today!

Lucy and Ethel

But after consulting with friends… I offer up the following.

I confess, I actually like ‘diet food’ – salads, yogurt, fruit, grilled chicken, vegetables, salmon, brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa… The salad jar idea from Friday is now sitting in my fridge for my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday lunch! My problem is that I also like the non-diet foods – cookies, cakes, brownies, ice cream… As a treat to myself, I am ridding the house of the non-diet foods. None of us really need them and they will be more of a treat if they only occur outside the home. I will confess to feeling quite virtuous for this which is sure to trip me up at some point!

Also, I confess, once upon a time I knitted – and worse yet – modeled (yes runway style), hotpants.

knitted hotpantsI’m not sure I looked as good in them as this young man (I’m assuming – although those legs do look more clean shaven than mine). And his may actually be crocheted, not sure but didn’t want to look much closer. Mine did feature ‘Dazzle’ yarn in pink with purple trim and peek-a-boo holes running down the considerably short sides. It was the 70’s, need I say more? There were white go-go boots involved also.

And lastly, just in case the previous confession left a bad taste in your mouth, I confess to really enjoying being in my mid 50’s. I have the freedom and confidence to do things that really interest me. No longer afraid what someone else may think of my latest interests. I’m OK with asking questions someone else may think are stupid. I have the time to spend knitting (no longer hotpants though), reading, taking long walks, taking a class at the local university just because. I don’t even care how goofy I look in my glasses!

These confessions may not seem related, and granted they are a bit random – however, hopefully you can each relate to at least one of them (I’m thinking the hot pants confession is going to be the common link).

Enjoy your week! -M

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  1. I confess that I am going to be 52 next month and am raising two 15 year olds and a husband. (Yes I feel like I am raising him sometimes and vice a versa)

    I am opening my own research business, retiring from my public service job, and trying to pick up my writing career, all within the next 6 months.

    I have never knitted anything.
    I have been dieting since the age of 18.

    I am joining a running club tomorrow. I hate running.

    I clean out my pantry every week but the others keep bringing junk in.

    I like this blog.

    1. Way to get in the spirit of things Sharon – nice confessionals!! You are a busy lady; I’m sure we could all learn a thing or two from your fierce schedule and aspirations. Good luck on the new business.
      I am assuming those 15 yr olds are twins?
      Maybe you’ll love running once you bond with your running club.
      We like you.
      P.S. I can teach you to knit anytime you can fit it into your schedule – it is actually a great stress reducer 🙂 – M

  2. Wore my hotpants (although they were jersey and not knitted) with my white knee boots to see 3 Dog Night at the Myriad!

  3. I’m thinking the ONLY reason a grown man would wear those shorts is if his mama crocheted (knitted?) them. So rather than laugh at him, I’m applauding him for risking absurdity and making his mama proud!

    1. OMG – I did not even consider that possibility Dee Dee – too funny!!! That is a great perspective. In there somewhere is a cautionary tale for all of us mother’s bestowing gifts on our grown children 🙂 – M

  4. Oh my dawg, this was a hoot! My mother once gifted me with electric orange knit pull-on slacks with matching color-blocked pullover sweater vest. I was in high school. The vest was cute; the pants were hideous. I confess I never wore them. By the time she asked about them, I’d gained weight so I could show her they were too tight. Her heart was in the right place, though…

    1. Dawg and hoot in the same sentence makes me miss North Carolina a bit Natine! 🙂
      The outfit sounds like all the rage during that time though – your mom must have been one hip momma! My ‘first day’ outfit for 7th grade included orange velveteen pants, a gold fish link belt (that dangled) and a wildly colored orange and yellow and green button down shimmery collared shirt! – M

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