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100 Reasons to Celebrate Being Over 50

100 Reasons to Celebrate Being Over 50

    1. We can truly appreciate the wisdom of our parents.
    2. “Because it’s in” is no longer a motivating force to make a purchase.
    3. We know the difference between being fat and being shaped different than the cool kids grandmas.
    4. We have a true appreciation for the ‘cut and paste’ feature on our word processors that those who didn’t experience typewriters will never know.
    5. We were able to stop carrying dimes in our shoes and (later) quarters in our bras in case we had to make an emergency call.
    6. We understand the concept of ‘groovy.’
    7. 100 Reasons te Celebrate Being Over 50
    8. We now know that cute, pretty, handsome, and beautiful can co-exist with wrinkles.
    9. We get that more hair, longer hair, is not necessarily better. To borrow some real estate jargon it’s all about location, location, location!
    10. Our bullsh*t detector has incredible range.
    11. Sympathy can be effectively conveyed with a heartfelt look because they know we get it.
    12. We got to experience playing outside until dark and riding our bikes to adventures beyond the length of our road.
    13. We know for a fact that excellent movies can be made without profanity or gratuitous sex scenes.
    14. Long-term friendships have a maturity, a depth, a richness, that only the aging process can bring to them.
    15. We no longer believe if your eyeglasses aren’t jumbo it looks like you have two sets of eyebrows.
    16. “Don’t sweat the small stuff” has evolved from a slogan to a life style.
    17. We know what we don’t know.
    18. We recognize that “old” is more about attitude than age.
    19. Our self-confidence doesn’t come from a cocky place.
    20. No more worries about getting pregnant!
    21. A botched haircut is no longer the end of the world.
    22. We are taken seriously in the business world.
    23. The motivation to lose weight is what WE think.
    24. When we don’t want to play a game, drive to a destination, or do anything else we don’t want to do, we can toss out an “I’m too old for that” and the subject is dropped.
    25. We can act like teenagers when we want to, but have the ability to stop.
    26. Our clothes choices are based on our preferences – not peer pressure.
    27. We don’t take health for granted.
    28. We’re old enough to appreciate how youthful we are.
    29. We know that being content is a choice.
    30. We have a true appreciation for those who came before us.
    31. 100 Reasons to Celebrate Being Over 50
    32. We wear confidence well.
    33. We get a do-over with our grandkids.
    34. We can make a difference in a life by mentoring someone who is where we have been.
    35. We have a personal sense of style.
    36. We can get our quirky on!
    37. The chances of us getting kidnapped are greatly reduced.
    38. Learning is a privilege we embrace.
    39. Since we need them all the time now, we don’t have to remember where we put our glasses.
    40. Pig Latin is a secret code again.
    41. We’re getting our money’s worth out of our health insurance.
    42. Passions are magnified by our life experience.
    43. Worrying about ending up looking foolish is no longer an obstacle to us trying something new.
    44. Our joints are more accurate weather indicators than the evening new forecast.
    45. We enjoy people who disagree with us because the conversation is more interesting.
    46. Laughing at ourselves is no longer difficult.
    47. We know it really will be all right.
    48. We have more internal resources to help us make decisions.
    49. Perfection is no longer the goal.
    50. Singing badly is not a reason not to sing.
    51. 100 Reasons to Celebrate Being Over 50
    52. Our homes are big enough.
    53. Napping is something we do without having to be told anymore.
    54. We don’t feel like everything in our holiday meals has to be cooked from scratch.
    55. Valuing popularity is a thing of the distant past.
    56. Saying “I’m sorry” comes much easier.
    57. So does saying “No.”
    58. There is time to take care of ourselves.
    59. We know that gratitude can obliterate negativity.
    60. No more periods.
    61. Sex – truly better at this age!
    62. Prospect of retirement.
    63. Knowing what we want.
    64. Understanding our strengths and weaknesses better
    65. Increased problem solving skills
    66. Greater appreciation for life’s wonders
    67. Financial stability
    68. Cherished Family Relationship – Sibling Rivalry is a thing of the past
    69. Knowledge gained from experiences
    70. Senior discounts (heh, use ‘em if you got ‘em)
    71. No acne
    72. Technology –sometimes friend, sometimes foe but always keeps the mind active
    73. Health care provides much better treatment options for ‘aging’ concerns
    74. Fun really is more fun
    75. Forgiving comes easier
    76. No longer have a need to be right all the time
    77. 100 Reasons to Celebrate Being Over 50
    78. Sixty doesn’t seem old anymore
    79. Less scared of taking risks
    80. No longer take things personally
    81. Less need to be in control
    82. Time to travel, knit, read, garden
    83. Love seeing the adults children have now become
    84. Being on the other side of menopause
    85. Being around as long as Johnnie Quest, Jeopardy, Flipper and Mary Poppins (to name a few)
    86. Freedom to not finish a book if it just really isn’t all that appealing
    87. Enjoying our own company even when left alone with ourselves
    88. Need for fewer ‘things’
    89. Appreciation for time spent ‘making memories’
    90. Saying ‘Yes’ is so much easier
    91. Willingness to try new things is so much easier
    92. Not trying new things is perfectly acceptable and/or getting multiple uses out of the same book when not remembering that you have already read it
    93. Seeing the beauty in long united couples, new mothers, aging faces, and undeveloped acres of land
    94. Being old enough to have lived when there weren’t home computers, internet and cell phones (makes the ‘young’ folk look at you in a new way with respect for the hardships you have endured)
    95. Recognition of how tough those 20-30 year olds have it and knowing we would never want to go back
    96. Not needing to have the TV or radio or other noise creating devices on; the thoughts in our heads are perfectly good company.
    97. Catching a movie in the middle of the day and finding plenty of available seats
    98. Finding humor in so many more places
    99. Putting to rest former regrets
    100. We know how much we have to be grateful for.

100 Reasons to Celebrate Being 50




  1. Great list, but a bit too much to digest in one sitting. Here’s to celebrating life’s timeline.

    1. This is unusually long for us, NR – we hit our 100th post this week and are celebrating the big 100s. We return to our ‘regular programming’ on Friday! -El

      1. OK. I made it to the end! Huzzah.
        My favorites- #98 & #96.

        The older I get, the more my muse amuses me. :mrgreen:

  2. Great list! So many of these really resonate with me, although I still feel short of time. Actually, time goes by so much faster now, especially since I’m still working. The upside is its getting me closer to retirement. The downside is … Well, it brings me closer to something else as well 😉

    1. I’m in the same boat, Marie – still could use a 26-hour day! But one thing I will say about the aging and time connection for me: I’m am a little stingier about giving it away to causes/people/entities that waste it! -El

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Noreen! I went to look at your two favorites to remind myself what they were, and, to my HORROR, saw that I had a typo in my high heel picture (gasp!!). But for you I would never have seen that and the brand-new word “enought” would have gone on to infinity! However, my quick-thinking over-50 self (the same one who didn’t catch the typo even after looking at that pic 27 times before posting!)immediately got out the digital paintbrush and took that bad boy out!Thanks for helping me catch that! -El

  3. Reblogged this on S.K. Nicholls and commented:
    This just says it all for me! If you are over fifty you’ll get them all right away and if your not, you’ll know what to look forward to. 😉

    1. I like that, SK – giving the next generation something to ‘look forward to!’ Thanks for reblogging the post – may we reach all those up-and-comers!! -El

  4. Ha! That was fun – well done you two!! From this long list there was only one statement I slightly hedged at – but due to my advanced age now I can’t remember what it was 🙂 #50 is me to a T. Now I’m wondering which points would make your top ten……….

    1. Thanks, Pauline! That whole memory thing? I’m pretty sure ‘there’s an app for that!’
      Hmmmm, picking a top ten would be tough. Three personal favorites that jump out at me are 10, 31, and 36. -El

        1. You caught us on our ‘celebrating 100’ week, LCTC, because we hit our 100th post this week. Quite the milestone for us because for years M and I have talked about staying connected via computers and never seemed to last much past the New Year’s Resolution until we started hanging out here! We’re so glad you checked us out and hope to see you back for some of our shorter posts – and I’m not just saying that because I LOVE seeing “Let’s CUT the Crap!” in the comment section (which I do)! -El

  5. It is an encouraging read, for someone about to cross over the line. Love all of them and yes I don’t wear high heels anymore YAY!. Love your space. Kath

  6. This is a great list ladies! As someone who is getting closer to reaching the big 50…I can relate to many already. Number 10 is so true! :)‏

  7. Loved the list! I wish my husband knew the meaning of #96. He’s older than I am and still has to have ‘noise’ on all the time. It drives me crazy!

    1. I can relate, Sunni – my huz likes TV on for ‘background’ and I’ve always thought of TV as a ‘foreground’ kind of thing that you either watch or don’t. After 37 years it is a debate that neither has persuaded the other on! But I can tell you those marshmallowy earplugs are soft, comfortable to wear, and come in a variety of lovely colors! -El

  8. Great list. I could probably add quite a few more in the seventeen plus years since I hit 50.

  9. Yes–I feel all of this increasing each year, the closer I get to 50. I realized at 40 many of these truths, but still working on others. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Love it! I was going to tell you which ones were my faves, but there are too many to list.

  11. How fun to browse through your list. Many caught my attention causing a little chuckle here and there, so for that I say thanks. I must say that two of them, back to back, really hit home as I’m pushing the end of the 60’s (and it was fun living in the 60’s): Number 42 “Passions are magnified by our life experience”, and 43 “Worrying about ending up looking foolish is no longer an obstacle to us trying something new.” But time is not different in this decade than it was when I was half this age–there’s just not enough time in my day to do all I want.

    1. Good to know the passions keep getting better, Letty! I’m with you on the time – the more we love to do, the shorter the day seems to get! Thanks for visiting!

  12. Love the list – it’s ALL true, and three cheers for numbers 20 and 60! 😁😁

  13. I am almost 50..to close. Love your posts. I can agree with all but priod but real close. Thank you for the laughs and smiles.

    1. I’m glad you found us, Laura, and that we put a smile on your face! Thanks for taking the time to drop us a note – much appreciated!

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