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Mad for Plaid

Mad for Plaid

Nothing brightens up a dull winter day like a zippy plaid. There’s something warm and cozy about it even when it’s just a glimpse. But not all plaids are created equal.  Let’s start out with a few that make us smile.


You can call them gumboots, puddle jumpers or rubber boots – we call them cool!

Mad for Plaid


Bangles that will sharpen up professional wear or add a colorful shot to playwear.

Mad for Plaid

What can be cozier than snuggling up in a flannel nightshirt??

Mad for Plaid


OK – maybe these Pendelton blankets are a tad cozier. I don’t know – I think maybe it’s a cozy tie between the nightshirt and the blankets!

blog2 plaid throws


Love these notebooks – a little plaid comfort for your desk or glovebox.

Mad for Plaid


The plaid tablecloth sets a neat table with a homey touch.

Mad for Plaid


Who could forget that 1970s retro-cool poncho from our Orange Crush post?? The ultimate in wearable plaid!

Orange Crush!Can plaid go bad? Here’s a few we aren’t so crazy about.


There can be too much of a good thing . . .

Mad for Plaid


WAY too much of a good thing . . .

Mad for Plaid


Not enough of a good thing . . .

Mad for Plaid


Maybe better in the den than the bathroom?

Mad for Plaid


They call it “plaid mixing.” We call it “hard on the eyes.”

Mad for Plaid




Finally, the question is answered:

Mad for Plaid


  1. Oh those fails – geez!! I’m not a lover of tartan [which is what plaid is called here, just like our boots are of the gum variety] but I thought the bangles and boots were fun! I do remember the 80’s when it had a brief impact on the fashion scene and my teenage daughter fell in love with tartan shirts She has never quite lost that love either. It’s a strange thing……….

    1. I went to a school for six years where plaid uniforms were required. Maybe it gets in your blood (in spite of the resentment I sported for them at the time!!) -El

    1. I have a nightshirt like the one pictured – well, I’ve actually had a succession of them. Flattering wasn’t a criteria in the purchase decision. However, for outerwear? I’ll be sticking to the bracelets!

  2. Well, here in Britain, we call it tartan. Love the gumboots – which we call Wellingtons, or “wellies.” Most people here also think they can trace their ancestry back to being allowed to wear a certain pattern of tartan. They are strangely deluded.

    1. I caught a glimpse of such delusion when years back we were gifted wine glasses with our “family crest” on them that had been specially ordered. From J.C.Penneys. Uh huh. Pretty sure vast research went into that special order!

      Well, I’m off to buy me some of those boots. Sure, they’re cute, but my main motivation is so I can use the word “wellies” on a regular basis! -El

    1. Well, there’s enough variety in the boots to keep you plaided up, Noreen. And I love the cool names our UK friends use for them – like gumboots, Wellingtons and “wellies!” -El

      1. Well, Wellingtons supposedly came from the Duke of Wellington who invented the gumboot…
        Our aristocracy isn’t all Downton, you know – some of them had brains 🙂

  3. I HATED plaid when I was a kid. When my dad took me to buy my first school lunch box–a VERY BIG DEAL–I had visions of bringing home a pink and white, Cinderella one. However, the first store we went to had a limited selection. My dad–being a man–saw no good reason to go to another store when that store had perfectly fine lunch boxes…in either red or blue plaid. My sister got the blue; I got the red and was stuck with that ugly thing for several years. Nowadays, I like plaid okay, but a little goes a long way. The bangles and the notebooks are cute, and I like plaid scarves. But if I wore plaid all over, I’d feel like the woolly mammoth in the cartoon!

    1. Love how men think, Dee Dee. When you think back on it, though, you were a cut above your peers. No pink and white Cinderella stuffs for you! Hahahaha… 😀

  4. Totally enjoyed this post. I have a picture of a certain FBFGF writer wearing a plaid jumper some decades back. Her mother apparently liked them since her sister also had one. HAHAHAHA. Or maybe said certain writer is wearing her sister’s? Not so sure…

    I would wear the boots — especially the red ones, but they are out of stock. 🙁 But overall, I’m not a plaid wearer. It does no part of my body any favors. Hahahahahahaha…:-D

    1. I believe that was one of the twinkie outfits that were gifted. That outfit would need it’s own category: BIG Bad Plaid! Although, if memory serves me, I think I wore it with confidence, thinking I really had it going on. Seeing that picture (which is forever etched in my brain) showed that reality betrayed me! -El

  5. I love plaid! I don’t have anything in the house that is plaid – clothes or otherwise. Even the menfolk here don’t wear plaid flannel shirts. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. 🙂

    1. I didn’t realize how little of it I had around either, until I read your comment. For some reason I equate the word “crisp” with it – a crisp plaid. Not sure where that comes from! Delighted that you’ve made enough progress on your writing that you had a chance to stop by, Maddie! -El

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