1. Great quote, but there is a third option ~> acceptance.

    When we accept that we don’t really WANT to do something, we no longer have to defend our inaction with excuses.

    We just don’t do it.

      1. So do I, Sunni – it makes me ask “Is it really important?” It may actually be something that used to be important when I was at a different place in life or is not as important as I assumed it was. -El

    1. So true, Nancy – just because something was once important to us (or seemed important at a given time)doesn’t mean it always will be. Sometimes it takes us a bit to realize that’s really what the excuses are about!

      1. Sometimes excuses are guilt for not wanting it badly enough, or fear that others will judge us as wanting if we admit that we are at peace with the status quo.

        Letting go of the need to come up with excuses is liberating.

        Let’s be more Pop-Eye. “I y’ams what I y’am.”

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