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5 to Get You Sparkling

5 to Get You Sparkling

Many of us want to greet the new year with a little shimmer. Not the covered with sequins look-at-me look of earlier eras – just a bit of sparkle that proclaims we’re heading into the New Year with with confidence and optimism. Here are 5 ways to add that extra sparkle to your New Year’s Eve look!

1. Tatoo jewelry. Foil bracelets add a temporary sparkle that can be washed off! This shows an expensive version because it was the best picture I could find of what the “jewelry” looks like. But I found lots of $12-20 options by Googling “foil tattoo jewelry”.

5 Ways to Sparkle

2. Sequin scarf. Wrap a little sparkle around your neck and let it reflect in your eyes! This one is by Rose and Rose, but you can find plenty of scarves with sparkle at your local big box stores, discount clothing and (of course) regular priced department stores.

5 to Make You Sparkle

3. Belt with sparkle. Glam up any outfit by belting on a splash of sparkle. Belts can be found in a range of prices and styles from rhinestone cowboy looks to more formal shimmer at the same places you look for scarves.

5 With Sparkle

4. Snowflake polish. Nothing finishes a look like a bit of glitter on fluttering hands that greet and treat family and friends. I liked this “Heavenly” by Revlon for a little glitz without calling too much attention to my short nails.

5 to Make You Sparkle

5. Sparkle ballet slippers. From your fingertips to your toes, you have your shimmer on. Dancing the night away – whether in your living room or at the ball – in these festive ballet flats let you sparkle without the toe-crimping pain that goes with high heels. From JCrew to a costume supply store, glittery flats come in a range of prices.

5 to Make You Sparkle

 And, of course – let’s not forget to add in our sparkling personalities to the mix!

5 to Make You Sparkle

5 to Get You Sparkling


  1. Those ballet slippers are too cute, very festive! Since I boycotted fingernail polish about six or seven years ago, I’ll have to pass on the sparkly fingertips. 🙂

    1. I went the opposite way, Jill – well, sort of. I pretty much shunned nail polish up until the past few years because my nails are about the least feminine thing about me – definitely inherited my dad’s squared off hands and nails (along with a thick head of Portuguese hair, so I’m not complaining, mind you – just making an observation!) In the past few years I’ve tried a little harder to maintain them and, in the process bought nail polish. Which I’ve actually used once or twice a year since. Thus my choice for a bit of sparkle without tell-tale color to out me about my sporadic nail attention! Happy New Year! -El

  2. Ooooooh sparkly ballet flats! And that particular nail polish is very pretty – but I’m with Jill, I no longer go there – I gave up on the high maintenance things a number of years ago. Nowadays I seem to have garden soil and paint around my nails 🙂 Happy New Year M-EL xoxo

    1. The sparkly flats would look great on some of your creations, Pauline – very magical! Check out my response to Jill if you have an extra second – it’s how I really feel about nail polish! 2014 was enhance by our connection, Pauline! A hearty Happy New Year to you, too from both M and I! -El

      1. Aha! A late bloomer! We must have a time in our lives when we have pretty fingernails, so better late than never! I have strong nails and they grow fast, so they are mostly long. I used to buff and polish because when talking I tend to wave my hands around a lot – there is some Mediterranean blood in the mix somewhere and I figured as people are always looking at my hands they should look presentable. I still flap them about when talking and people still comment on it, but the buffing and polishing went out the window a few years years ago.

        I was looking at some sparkly flats in the s’market this morning, they caught my eye as I tootled speedily around and I went ‘Ooooooh!’ [as you do!] but alas, they were kids sizes. But I’m on alert and you never know what you’ll find when you are on alert!

        I too am most happy to have connected with you [thanks Jill xo] this year. Looking forward to more fun and frolics next year xo

  3. Love the bling ladies and also the foiled tattoos very cool. May your New Year Sparkle just like your fun and uplifting blog posts. Kath.

  4. Perfect ideas! My tradition is to put on Mom’s now un-used rhinestone earrings, necklace, and bracelet to glam up my pj’s. Add a flute of champagne (or two) and I’m sure I just dazzle. 🙂

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