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Christmas Humor

Christmas Humor

When you are ready to take a quick break from all your holiday preparations, here are some fast funnies to send you smiling into your next task!

Sometimes cookies are the best choice.

Christmas HumorMore on health food at Christmas . . .

Christmas Humor

OK – so maybe just one or two rice cakes instead of cookies . . .

Christmas Humor

Don’t answer that . . .

Christmas HumorOne more reason to have eyeglasses on a chain around your neck when not in use.


Christmas Humor


Let’s prove her wrong!

Christmas HumorWishing you all a very Merry Christmas!


  1. M and El, thank you for bringing so much fun into my weekly read, for inspiring me out of procrastination and into gettin’itdun – and for educating me along the way 🙂 You gals ROCK!! Happy Holidays!! xoxo

    1. Fun is what we’re all about :)! We love sharing with all and so much appreciate the feedback and interactive aspect of sharing each other’s blogs. Merry Christmas!

  2. My laugh for the day….you are terrific!! Miss you guys

    1. Maxine does seem to have an apt reply and/or relevant comment for any occasion, doesn’t she? I wish I could meet her creator and chat over a cup of coffee – I suspect we have a lot in common!! Happy New Year, Marylin! -El

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